How I Work on UKBlabberbox

Inspired by Taylor Otwells medium post about how he works, I’ve decided to write a post how I work.

How I Work on UKBlabberbox

This article will explain how I manage time, my tools, editor, colour schemes and other UKBlabberbox-related stuff.

Average Day

UKBlabberbox is my pet project. It’s what I spend a lot of time working on or thinking about. When I wake up, I go through the usual motions in the bathroom, then turn on my machine and make a coffee while it’s booting up. Once I’ve got liquid conciousness and a desktop screen, I check my emails and twitter and reply to a few tweets, then get into UKBB mode.

I spend around an hour reviewing yesterdays code with fresh eyes and make any improvements that need made. After 9 hours of work, I stop to eat, take a walk around my neighbourhood, clear my head then return to work for about 3 or 4 hours. I develop under Linux Mint 18.1 and play games on Windows 10.

Machines & Office

My workstation is an HP Pavilion500-081ea. i5-3330S 2.7 (QuadCore) CPU and 16GB of RAM (8GB stock). My main screen is a 23inch HP Pavilion 23xi 1080p while my second monitor is an LG Flatron L1920P.
My wallpaper is a screenshop for the up-coming (at the time of writing) game Yooka-Laylee. I keep a lit scented candle on my desk along with a GitHub coffee cup.

Software & Tools


My primary coding tool is PHPStorm for the UKBB website, PyCharm Community for Gateway & Delta and Mints “xed” editor. I use the Darcula themes wherever possible or on xed, I use Darkmate. My primary coding font is “DejaVu Sans Mono” and my other monospace font is “Noto Mono“. I usually keep a font size of 16 and linespacing to 1.2 to keep things clear.


I use MariaDB and PostgreSQL databases within UKBlabberbox. PostgreSQL is mainly experimental while MariaDB is what I use in production. I use the command-line for Maria while phppgadmin to access Postgres.


I use Spotify to listen to my playlist of rock/metal/other songs.

Emails, Browser etc

In Linux I use Thunderbird and Outlook 2016 on Windows to access my emails while using Google Chrome as my default browser, I also use Firefox and Opera to test UKBlabberbox.

Super Mario World HD – Part 3

Another update about Super Mario World HD!


Okay, so I’ll start with the bad news. I accidentally deleted the project instead of moving it when I was organizing code on my hard drive. Whoops. Yeah, no back-up either!

Good news is: I have recreated the title screen. Better title theme BGM and a better Input Handler.

I even built the project so you can see for yourself!

SMWHD for Windows SMWHD for Linux

Also, please don’t tell . I don’t want the project taken down 🙁

Super Mario World HD – Part 2

Today, I decided to play around with creating some land objects for SMWHD. However, I really suck at drawing, vectoring or whatever. I did however, use Google a little bit and managed to improve the Title Screen. The wood border and background came from google. The SMWHD Logo is my own using the Super Mario 256 font. I also use the Pixel Emulator font.

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Super Mario World HD

In the beginning there was Super Mario World and the world smiled at it for 25 years.

I didn’t start playing the game until I was 4 or 5 years old. I’m 25 now and still enjoy playing the game. Well, hacks of the game because the original has just become a “shooting fish in a barrel” type thing for me.

As a programmer, I’ve oft wanted to make a game. I originally started out with the aim to produce an HD version of Sonic The Hedgehog 3 but someone is already working on that. After a bit of thinking, it occurred to me that I could produce an HD version of Super Mario World!

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